A love poem

cusped palms holding a small bowl with flame
Photo by Prateek Gautam on Unsplash

The sweetest memories of you
come at dawn,
Just before
the first streaks of a yawning sun
stretches across a still opaque sky;

My candle lit
Orange passion scent fills the space
Where we used to be
Me on my mat
you, in my head;

Quietly in meditation
We feed from the energies
vibrating at high frequency
Between us,
Us that did not get the chance
To become anything else;

Our time
Our hearts beating in unison
Our bed, warm
from the mingling of heated blood
Flowing through expanding veins

the journey
Of souls
meeting before,
And reconnecting
Fanned by the flames of a familiarity
we cannot recall;

Where and why
Just a lingering knowing
That we met
before now.

© Ilis Trudie Palmer 2022
One Love



Ilis Trudie Palmer

Ilis Trudie Palmer

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