Photo by Caique Nascimento on Unsplash

A tap, kiss of warm wind
on withered brown cheeks,
tossed her over the edge
into an abyss so deep

gravity bound into darkness
strapped burdens of fear,
her constant companion
illusions stake no claims here

salt in her mouth
bitter coating her tongue,
she prayed that this journey
would be an easier one

pondering these thoughts
answering her clarion call,
this trip, this fall
may she land proud and tall.

© Ilis Trudie Palmer
December 5th 2022
One Love




Photo by Shelby Deeter on Unsplash

Inexplicable the feeling
of observing
the breeze coaxing old leaves into song;

as they rustle in tune,
other creatures join in
cricket and birds chirping
to the melody
of all is well with me
pure harmony;

my body moves to the beat of the sound,
the distant drum
strong heart signals
as the rhythm pulses
and the energy surges
burning away
frissons of melancholy
not mine to own;

I sway,
in harmony to the tune
long silent,
except for a quiet strumming
strings humming,
welcoming the unveiling of new sounds.

Ilis Trudie Palmer 2022
One Love



Image captured by author, Ilis Trudie Palmer

I pause each day
to remember
Those words of gratitude, of thank yous
To this beautiful body

That continues to work during difficult times,
Assuring me
that things will turn around
And knees that crack and creak
Still take me to mountain peaks

And eyes,
threatened by disease
I still see vast vistas and indigo blue seas

Hearing waves crashing along dark sand,
that welcome me
And an aching body

To soak,
Taste the salt spray,
On a pink tongue
that still recognizes bitter and sweet

I thank thee, O Body



Let it go ©. Image captured by author, Ilis Trudie Palmer

The declarer of
if you love something let it go
was genius,
let it go

let it explore its highs and lows
its valleys and summits
its cracks and crevices

grass greener,
light shining brighter
air purer
let it go

if it comes back,
its yours forever more
but only if you choose to maybe lose
it again,
let it go



© Imaged captured by author — Ilis Trudie Palmer

Those days
when the urge is strong
to stay in bed, covering my head under tired pillows,
thinking of new reasons to stay under
none used yesterday or the day prior,
it was a new morn after all
new ideas to be born,

from the same old feeling of stuckness
listening for the sounds of this new day
roosters crowing, early movers moving
on the street to nowhere,
the distant sounds of birds chirping, and lizards shrilling
my dogs yipping as if hearing me stirring,

I groan and sigh loud
expanding lungs
stretching, and feeling
the urge rising in me
to believe that today will lead to a new way
of thinking.

© Ilis Trudie Palmer
One Love

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Image and artwork owned by author, Ilis Trudie Palmer

Always busy
In ink,
In sand,
In acrylics,
Telling a story of a journey
To finding me
While along the way
I bump into you,
And we find that our story
Shades of different, yet similar
Since we are on different paths
To the same happy end.

© Ilis Trudie Palmer 2022
One Love

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Image captured by author — Ilis Trudie Palmer

On days when thunder crash
and lightning flash,
bright enough to light dark corners
casting sharp shadows
I bow in gratitude;

For this moment
in time, listening,
rain, pelting like sharp nails on the tin roof
ushering in a new season;

Another cycle, welcoming
the turning soil and planting
bananas and plantain
yam, potato and okra,
rolling hills and fallow fields
understand nature’s cycle,
and relax in ease.

© Ilis Trudie Palmer 2022
One Love



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