When you see a Laughing Donkey, Beware!

The story from there to here

Imaged captured by Author

As I sit down to write my hundredth consecutive piece for my blog, I feel moved to share my experience with the laughing donkey. Those of us who believe that dreams are symbolic, prophetic, and help us solve problems using the power of the subconscious mind, will find this post relatable.

About eight or nine months ago, I had a dream, which is nothing strange to me, I dream all the time, I am one of those persons who even if I take a 10-minute nap, I enter the dreamscape and I have shared many of my dreams and their revelations in past blog posts. In this dream, I met a donkey. He was a nice one and when he saw me he started grinning. He had nice teeth, his oral care programme was on fleek and he kept using his head to make me aware of a square wicker basket that was hanging from a tree. I curiously went close to the basket and looked inside. In it was a fancy legal pad and a pencil.

Obviously it was for writing but my confusion stemmed from the fact that I had not been writing anything and it was not even something in my thoughts to do. I figured that the donkey got his supplies mixed up and instead should have shown me a canvas and a set of paints. I was in the middle of my spiritual awakening and I had been using art to chronicle the process. Mind you, I have never painted before but I found that I was drawn to putting acrylic on paper. I did not even call it art since the stuff I produced looked and felt nothing like art but more like me scripting using paint. I woke confused so I went searching for answers.

I scoured the internet, looking for the meaning of dreaming about a ‘laughing donkey’. One dream dictionary gave a general description of dreaming about a donkey, symbolizing humility, honor, stubbornness, burdens, endurance, and loyalty but to see a laughing donkey in one’s dream meant that the person will be laughed at, ridiculed, or insulted by someone in public. So in tying the two interpretations, I understood that at some point, something I may write will be laughed at by the public.

I let it go because I had no intention of writing anything. I just continued with my ‘art’ until I was finally led to sharing it publicly. (How this came about is for another blog post, but sufficed to say, the universe and our spirit guides are amazing!)

I created a webpage to display my work and I shared the link with a friend of mine. She is the friend I called “The Advisor”, always having some advice to give whether or not it was asked for. She encouraged, no she advised me to write a blog to accompany my artwork and share it on the same site. I rolled my eyes, not impressed, as usual.

Didn’t she realize that I was trying to be a painter, not a writer?

Then came the global pandemic, and with the months of lockdowns and curfews, I found myself with time on my hands so I attempted to write a single post. I did not know what I was going to write about but I allowed myself to be led by Spirit.

This morning, during my meditation, the dream of the laughing donkey came back to me. It took me nine months and one hundred blog posts to understand the meaning of the dream.

Given the esoteric nature of my blog posts, and acknowledging that there will be many who would never understand my writings and may decide to insult and ridicule even when deep down inside they are feeling a connection.

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