Love Poetry

When There is a Yearning to be Touched

There are times when it is not about the physical

You tell me that you are untouched
Your flower unfurled, your nectar undrunk
Seeds still in their pollen sacs.

I laughed in disbelief
After more than three decades in the sun
You are still searching for the one?

With so much variety and beauty
All shapes and sizes and poses
Warm forms available —
don’t they throw themselves at you?
Wanting to share in your experiences, capturing
that mystery seen in your eyes, feeling
the magic of your strong hands, teasing
beats out of their bodies, strumming
their strings like the master you are?
No, I disbelieve.

Yes it is, you tease
but let me explain well
It’s not about the physical, it’s
the melding I am seeking
where mind and body coalesce
Without much need for speaking.

The physical is easy
I can get bodies over easy
But none yet has awakened in me the
desired spirituality.

© I. Trudie Palmer

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