Love Poetry

Waiting On Love, Not Waiting in Vain

an old rocking chair in an unkempt garden. In the front is some beautiful pink flowers. The chair seems to be waiting for someone.
Photo by Robin Lyon on Unsplash

I am exhausted
Anxiously marking time.

Expecting that gentle tap on my shoulder
To let me know that you are finally here
and the waiting is over.

We had a pact —
the Universe and I
I was here to grow and
give love, not simply to die.

To mix and match
create some contrast
Know what I want and
what would not last.

Vibrating and attracting
that ideal other
But only when I become
my own perfect brother.
Or as close to perfection
as human me could
Knowing that my true mate
is loving self as I should.

Since you are not here
tho I have much to share
Means the work is not done
Perhaps more self-care?

Slowly walking away
To get it all right
Tired, but hopeful thru
another dark night.

© I Trudie Palmer
One Love

I would like to share three pieces that I read recently from fellow writers:-

From Sahil Patel, a love poem that shows that love is love and that love is forever.

From my now very good friend Alex, The Wordsmith™🏳️‍🌈🇺🇸, A Tale of Two Souls. It is four chapters of one of the most beautiful, well-written love stories that I have ever read.

Please make use of Medium’s new List feature and add it to your list. Read when you have time to sit, sip some tea or coffee and enjoy an enthralling love story.

And from my favourite co-editor of the just reflections, Syed Qassim Acabo, a short poem about being in, well…..a beautiful tango of love.



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Ilis Trudie Palmer

Ilis Trudie Palmer

Energy, Creativity, Spirituality, the Great E.S.C; One dose of upfulness in each story or poem or song lyric.