The Arrival of the Modern Medicine Woman

See her, be her

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The Medicine Woman has returned. The literature uses many adjectives trying to define her and many times words are not enough. She is described as the healer, the wise woman, the visionary, the seer, the intuitive, the sexual priestess, possessing the attributes that make her the archetype of the woman now needed in our modern society.

She was here before but was never really accepted because she challenged the status quo and so she was persecuted and ostracized from society. She was branded a witch, an obeah woman, and accused of using her occult knowledge and power for the dark side.

Like with everything else, power can be used for good or for evil, that is why free will exists. The politician can use his power to develop his people or he can use it to enrich himself. The priest can use his power to minister to his congregation or he can use it to molest small boys. The lover can use her power to love her partner or she can it to manipulate and destroy him. The medicine woman can use her power to love and to heal or she can use it for evil. Any power that we possess comes with the realization we are responsible for how it is used.

The Modern Medicine Woman is the woman rising like a phoenix from the ashes of what once was. She comes bringing the knowledge to heal and to comfort, to listen and to guide, to foretell, and to forewarn. This ability was embedded in her DNA, passed down through generations and because of its power, was never able to be extinguished or lost.

I call on the woman who feels the pull of this vibration in herself to hold no fear but to be brave, accept her calling and fulfill her soul’s purpose.

Be that mother,

That teacher,

That counselor,

That therapist,

That energy healer,

That reiki master,

That herbalist,

That master gardener,

That intuitive seer,

That astrologer,

That tarot reader,

That psychic,

That dancer,

That painter,

That goddess lover,

That medicine woman.