When The Black Lady Sings

Ilis Trudie Palmer
2 min readAug 14, 2022
a beautiful Caribbean sunset
Sayonara. Image captured by author, Ilis Trudie Palmer

Over the past few days, I have been hearing the words “when the black lady sings” rumbling around inside my head. I side-eyed them, wondering if it was me being referred to. I am a black lady, I cannot sing, but I have sensed the energy of sayonara in the air which has been increasing by the moment. I suspect this will be the last installment of Sunflower and Sage on Sundays — short and sweet, just how I like it.

Where am I being led? I am not sure but I love change, and the more dramatic, the better. I embrace different like a child, full of discovery and expecting all things good. I believe this optimist nature has protected me from many dark encounters.

I will be hanging around the platform for a little while, but more lurking in the shadows instead of publishing the 4 and 5 pieces a day that I used to do.

If I am honest with myself, I was looking for something new. As much as I love being here and the virtual friendships I have shared; and the tremendous growth this experience has afforded me, I am chomping at the bit to move on, and let the sun shine on my face, albeit with the taste of bittersweet lingering on my tongue.

What will be this new focus? you ask

And I answer again, I am not sure.

As soon as those guys in my head give me a hint, I will let you know.

Until then, stay well and see you around the socialmediasphere.

Ilis Trudie Palmer
One Love
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