Meditate To Release Your Fears

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Just when we thought we had dealt with our personal issues and had successfully healed our broken inner child, something pops right back up in our faces. In my case, it was in the form of a vivid dream, complete with colour, sound, and special effects.

My monster in the closet is a deep-seated fear of abandonment and I have written about dealing with this in one of my earlier posts on my blog.

So imagine my surprise when one very vivid dream around 3 am in the morning, woke me up in a cold sweat.

One thing with vivid dreaming is that it does not bring messages in parables, it hits you live and direct with whatever the message needing to be delivered.

My interpretation from this was that I had not completed the shadow work. Somewhere deep inside that fear is still active and it resurfaces whenever in my daily living, I am faced with a situation that may end in me being abandoned.

Many of us face the fear of abandonment and it manifests itself in our relationships or lack thereof.

We either cannot keep a relationship going or we avoid them, anticipating that the end will result in some unpleasantness for us.

We get stuck in a loop, constantly reliving those deeply buried memories of our father leaving us, or perhaps never owning us, our friends, and later our partners, all checking out at times when we needed them most.

We go through life sending out satellite messages that shout ‘please leave me’ and we know what the law of attraction does, it gives us what we focus upon, every time.

So how do we deal with our fears? For me it is fear of abandonment, for you, it might be fear of something else but we all have them.

Do we let them paralyze us, and so preventing us from living our best lives? Or do we face them like warriors and conquer them? And if they are of the seven-headed variety, do we chop heads off one by one until we are free?

Let us continue working our way through pain, hurt, fear, and trauma, using prayer and meditation as tools to achieve ultimate success.




I write on what pleases me, most times offering one dose of upfulness in each story.|

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Ilis Trudie Palmer

Ilis Trudie Palmer

I write on what pleases me, most times offering one dose of upfulness in each story.|

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