Listen for When the Universe Speaks

Stop, Listen and Listen

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The Universe always answers our questions whenever we ask. The key is in being able to detect when an answer comes. I think this the part that has been difficult for many of us. We are not good readers of the signs and synchronicities, so with heads looking up towards the sky, we wait for the sound of trumpets, the heavens to open, and for abundance to pour down on us like confetti. It does not work like that. Universal Forces are not on show; they are not here for our entertainment. They speak to us softly, while quietly leading us along the path to where we need to go but we have to be ready to hear.

I have always been a poor listener and am just now developing my skills in improved listening. I am a talker. I talk a lot, too much. I think I was born talking. I remember my school reports always had ‘talks too much’ in the column for the teacher’s comments. Over time, I have come to realize is that to hear Universal Forces, I had to be silent, I could not be talking and listening at the same time. This type of multitasking proved ineffective. Now I realize that it is amazing when we do sit down to listen, the answers that are provided.

Let me tell you a story:

I have been trying to grow my online business for a while now. My hope is that most of the proceeds from sales of my products will support the work of Esoteric Garden’s and Lizzie’s Nest. My ultimate goal is to help persons to find themselves through food, meditation, and seeking spirituality and I do not want persons in need to have to pay for any of the services we provide, ergo our online store.

You know that you are on your path when things start happening for you as if someone was waving a magic wand and there has been some wand-waving for the past year or so as we attempted to get Lizzie’s nest off the ground. We have now reached the point of trying to generate more traffic to our site. I asked the Universe about it, I am no marketing expert, so how were we going to support our work?

The funny thing is that Divine Intelligence knows what we need even before we do and I have been noticing that guidance comes long before I actually see what is to be done about it. It’s like my actions are on delay. I ask. The answer comes. I look at the answer and exclaim, “what in goodness’ name is that?” I ask again. The answer comes again. I look at the answer again and say. “ahh, why didn’t you show me this before?” The Universe smiles.

This can and does happen to all of us but we have to be open to guidance. We have to be ready to act. We have to be brave and bold. We have to trust. We have to have faith and believe. We have to have that knowing that things are always working out for us.

We have to listen.