Alien Gods and Goddesses

More real than before — so they say

Ilis Trudie Palmer
3 min readJul 29, 2023
Photo by James Lee on Unsplash

I wrote and shared this story back in May of 2022. I subsequently removed it. It was not the right time. I am reposting it, the time is righter.

There is new catch phrase making the news rooms these days, unidentified aerial phenomena or UAP. When I was growing up, the term used was unidentified flying object or UFO. How this caught my attention, I do not know since I rarely watch the news. I find that most news encourages fear or hatred, and good news for many broadcast service providers is an oxymoron.

We are all familiar with the space ships, and aliens and the beings that visit our planet, landing in corn fields and kidnapping our dogs. There are some who have seen UFOs in the night sky, and I have seen one or two, a time or two. I am an alien spotting aliens.

Are there really beings out there, not resident to our planet, that are zipping around in our space looking for trouble? I do not know about the “looking for trouble” part, but time will surely tell.

One day they may decide to reveal themselves in one grand show, akin to what some might call the second coming of Christ. I hope to be around to witness it. Will they communicate with us telepathically? Will some folks be selected as translators? Will they be coming in peace? Or to conquer our planet, and steal our fast becoming scarce natural resources?

I must admit, I am excited about the possibilities. I hope they have a ‘question and answer’ session, and we get to finally know what is really out there. I figure they may want to meet with world leaders and if that is the case, trouble brews. I stay away from religion, and politics, and bad vibrations. I hope they do not come preaching any new ideology, we have enough in these parts.

Why I got the urge to write about aliens, I have no clue.

My spirit guides are laughing. They must be the aliens being talked about.

“Yes, we are, and so are you,” was their smart response. “You all just like drama,” they continued. “Another thing to fight and disagree over, like God and who or what is God. Is he a he or a she, brown, yellow or blue, a consciousness or non-consciousness, all or none at all. You all will never agree. What defines an alien, anyway? Some of your countries refer to persons born in other countries as aliens. So make up your minds.”

I paused. I wanted to respond but had no answer so I took a sip of my basil and ginger tea. It had grown cold. Bleech! The tea was forgotten as soon as I started hearing my guides speak.

A mango thrush landed on the branch of a nearby ackee tree and proceeded to bestow on me, a mocking stare. It gave me the same energy as I was feeling from my guides. They are laughing at us.

“You humans came here to create, and you are doing a great job of it; creating things you want, and things that are better for you not to not want. So now you are creating aliens; you better decide if this is something you really want.”

The bird flew closer to finish the remains of some fruit I had put out for them, and I got up to warm my tea.

What do we want? Alien Gods?

I grimaced.



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