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The title for this story may sound strange to many but that is exactly what happened. The book wrote me, it used me to produce itself and now I sit feeling used, not abused, but definitely used with a hint of good sully.

I want to tell you about this…


Perfection is a figment of our imagination

Planning an event,
give yourself consent
to be a little stressed considering the malcontents,
surely to arrive, brimming with discontent.

Play do-si-do with the seating
arranging friends with frenemies
never with their enemies
for fear of glass breaking
and unnecessary crying.

A menu just perfect, for the picky eaters and…


A path that continues to unfold

There is the familiar nip in the air
that the end of year is near;
Though tropical,
we experience a fall in mercury
in this, our territory.
As a reminder to pause and reflect on the months checked;
how we would have lived, and treated each other
and whether we made goals or didn’t even bother —
just going with the flow
and the winds as they blow.

Now, look ahead to answers — how to create more moments for peace,
and happy experiences with friends and families;
knowing that at the end of the day
the new year would be upon us demanding a new way.

© I. Trudie Palmer
One Love

Author of Chronicles of an Awakening Soul

I work with a brilliant editor. She has been putting my tiny stories together to meet our goal of publishing five books.

Along with a busy career as an editor and copywriter, she is the sole full-time caregiver to her ninety-something-year-old dad.

The deadline was approaching for delivery of a set of edited stories, when she sent me a message.

“My dad is not doing well. I have to pay more attention to him. As such, I will miss our upcoming deadline.”

I didn’t even hesitate in encouraging her to concentrate on what was most important.

“How are you doing, though?” I knew the importance of self-care in giving care.

“Enjoying life as it happens, between the raindrops.” was her beautiful response.

My editor is going to be alright.

I. Trudie Palmer
One Love



Following guidance that comes from your gut, takes a lot of guts; especially when you consider that you are going against everything that feels so real.

You have to trust your data source, that it will never fail and will always lead to where you want to be, even though the route appears to wend into eternity.

With an end nowhere near in sight, you forge ahead with a clarity that comes from an understanding that it will all work out in the end.

Some call it faith or insanity, sanitized.
I call the God in me.

© I. Trudie Palmer
One Love


One with The One

You are as important
As you think yourself to be
As tall as these mountains
As vast as these seas.

As beautiful as the moon
As bright as the sun
As fragile as a flower
As quiet as the dawn.

As strong as a lion
As brave as a soldier
As unique as a snowdrop
And always in favour.

As knowing as those knowing
As to being your own guru
As consciousness allows
For your very own breakthrough.

No need for a go-between
Atween you and your creator
You are the God you know you are —
Your own administrator.

© I. Trudie Palmer
One Love

Author of Chronicles of an Awakening Soul


And conceives a new day

Morning sends its greetings through quiet notes of the hallelujah chorus,
Saluting the remaining stars littering dawn’s early sky,
Sending a hello to planets visible to the naked eye,
Bowing low to Queen Venus, second from the sun, named for love and beauty,
Congratulating Saturn, god of agriculture, a planner with eyes on the…

I. Trudie Palmer

This is me. This is my full story:-

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