feelings of elation and delight

euphoria —
word so sublime
crept through the ethers
and lodged itself in my mind;
at first sounding like a stranger
so long not been invited over
so busy was I
the feeling that euphoria brings;
having since confined it to a just few things
— tangled sheets, smelling of release
— whispered words, long gone unheard
— half of one, a lover’s song;

unfurl euphoria
refuse confinement
you are in joy
and in contentment;
You are in the life that I live and the air that I breathe
in the ideas I plant
that then flower and seed;

the error was mine
to have been so blind
and locked away euphoria
as a relic in my mind.

© I. Trudie Palmer
One Love


Your blueprint might be out of print

The stage’s no longer set
for those great verbal wars,
sharp tongue and quick wit
and a classic clapback.

It’s now deadlier
with the pain cutting deeper,
when the last word’s now said
with your message on read.

© I. Trudie Palmer
One Love


Remember the times when…

Sitting close
not touching physically, but spirits intertwined —
aunt and her sister’s child.
Quietly absorbing the energy off the evening,
the hint of dew forming, fog settling
on the hills in the near cline.

Cane juice running like ribbons down their forearms, settling around round elbows soon making the…


To the far reaches of this universe

the other side is as far away as your cloistered mind
fright alleys and fear avenues awash with the dirty debris of this forlorn reality
that you cannot find the interstellar pathways to climb.
dreams, a nightmare
meditation, a daymare
attempted connections with the clairs, unclear
like static through the FM band,
you cannot get there.

the esoteric beckons;
mysticism or
realism — unembellished, stark,
as seen by who’s eyes, trained eyes?
to reject the unseen,
the could have never been.

your studied choice,
bird’s eye view now cataract lenses
thank your reality
or life as you are taught it to be —
a real pity.

© I. Trudie Palmer
One Love


Let it be a fait accompli

Ah, that word, eh. That T word. Those five innocent letters coming together, causing many a heartache and negative emotion when we start using it as a verb. We trust, we trusted, we used to trust, we no longer trust. It is amazing the short time lapse between what is…


Beautiful discoveries

Still learning to write a poem?
Well here’s one fine gem
I take no credit
I simply found it.

© I. Trudie Palmer
One Love

Author’s note:-
This post below is a must read. Medium never ceases to thrill and inspire me. While you are at it, check out her other pieces. They are a treasure trove.

Thank you Margaret Honton


……In case this be our last conversation

You don’t have to wait until age 40 or 50 to know and believe and accept and expect. …


Don’t you dare be different

It easy to slap letters and give labels—
forever naming you not normal.
You did not conform to the boring rules made by a society
so stiff and rigid, so paternalized
that we lost our own sense of thinking.

The rules, follow the rules
If you jump when others are still…


Uncommon poetic form — a Mondo

Create an account
To clap for a good story
Have we become so lazy?

Time is of essence
As just throw them some money
Apart, we have done our part.

© I. Trudie Palmer
One Love

Author’s note:-
Why should I create a clapping account to clap for a Medium story…


Uncommon poetic form — a Descort

Since aged nine, I had past that stage
of thinking of God as being some male but I was born female
which means that
I could never be God or like God. Where was the female God? I asked so many questions that my teachers stopped answering.
I always figured they never knew.
one said…

I. Trudie Palmer

I write about Energy in all its forms; Spirituality and its many paths; and Creativity — what comes out of us — the great E.S.C. https://esotericgardenskn.com.

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