Presenting me

Cover art owned by Ilis Trudie Palmer

How much longer do I hide my light under the bushel
cowering quietly in fear of succeeding
and not knowing how I did it;
while continuing
to store talent in dusty attics
promising one day soon,
to unveil for public persecution
what lies inside
the corridors of my mind.

D-day has arrived.

and, with my flag flying at half mast
I mourn the loss of cowardly me,
as I
make way for the sun to shine.



A poem about new love

Artwork by Ilis Trudie Palmer

When does two become one —
after the legal work is done
and there be an exchange of paper rings,
or jumping the broom
or singing of angels
or beating of drums
honking of horns and crowing of roosters,
welcoming the mister and mistress.

Is it when he says…




It is all there is

the image is of a sage bush cluster of flowers; they are orange-yellow and the background is tropical, trees, blue sky, bright sun.
Sage Bush waiting for hummingbirds. Image captured by Ilis Trudie Palmer

Feeling the heat
The brightening of the sun
Warming the earth
Making worms stretch and yawn
Time for bed.

Flowers unfurling
Colours displayed
Sending out scents
Making hummingbirds hum
Time to feed.

Swinging through canopies
Monkeys on the trail
Babies strapped to bellies
Yellowed leaves rustle in the breeze
Time to fall.

Playing tag
Lizards bask on rotting logs
Each one chase one
Eggs to be laid
Time for fun.

Me observing
Nature on full display
Quiet meditation
Becoming one with all
Time to release.

© Ilis Trudie Palmer
One Love
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